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Sweetheart (2 pack)

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The Sweetheart Swaddle is designed with love, closeness and a sense of security in mind.

The Sweetheart Swaddle is the result of many months of creating a universal product that will serve both mother and baby.

It's a beautiful, gentle heart, made of soft muslin bamboo with excellent properties for sensitive baby skin.

Awarded in the competition for the best children product: SUPERMAMA AWARDS 2015 Gold Medal!


Retaining the aroma of Mum, makes it the most unique and cuddly cloth; making the child quiet, sleep better and feel safe. It is the smell of mom, which soothes and calms. It is the sweet memory of time spent with Mum and Dad.

This cloth is useful:

  • when feeding the baby - to wipe the baby's mouth, to cover the chest, while burping baby
  • for daddy / granny / nanny who deals with the child in the absence of Mum
  • for breastfeeding mothers – it protects against hypothermia and inflammation of the breast and it can shield the breast during feeding in public. The heart shape makes the Sweetheart cover the entire chest
  • when mother has a large amount of breastmilk - and better protects a larger area than small breast pads - especially at night
  • for parents using a baby sling as an insert between the body of the parent and child. Perfectly absorbs perspiration and increases comfort for your child
  • ideally suited as a underlay for children who sweat a lot through the head
  • it can also be used as cover for clothes for baby which is spoon-fed - a notch in the middle makes the perfect spot under the chin of the child.

Hearts are packed two to a useful metal box.

The Design is registered internationally as an industrial design. The pattern on the fabric is protected by copyright. Hearts are sewn in the EU (Poland), with Polish fabrics of the highest quality.


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